A few Quilts for you to see.....

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Nalani Goard Collection.

Here are a few designs that we offer. We have hundreds of (C) designs and there are a few that can be purchased as finished products or kits. We are happy and proud to show you a few of our designs but, we are limiting the amount of pictures shown to prevent copyright infringement. Enjoy.

We do not allow the use of any of our patterns without a legal contract or agreement. 

All pictures, designs (c) Nalani Goard. all unauthorized use can and will be handled legally.

Royal Symbols

This is an original design by Aunty Debbie Kakalia. Although this pattern has been illegally copied and claimed by other artist it is actually a Aunty Debbie original and has been documented on record. Although some quilts may look similar 99% of our large size quilts are all different.


This quilt was given to Bishop Museumn by Aunty Debbie in honor of the royal monarchy. It has been shown in many books and is documented on file at Bishop Museum as an Aunty Debbie original design. All parts of this quilt is copyright (C) Nalani Goard.


This quilt was designed by Aunty Debbie in the late 70's for my Brother Kulaniakea. Pattern is Angels Trumpet. There are many variations of this quilt. (C) Nalani Goard 


This quilt was designed by me for my brother Kuaniakea. He wanted Pineapples and Guava for Hospitality and Strength. It is a variation of my "Goodluck design" (C) Nalani Goard


I desgned Makana Aloha for my friend and instructor Yuko Yamamoto of Japan. The design is of the Naupaka flowers. (C) Nalani Goard


I designed the "Apo Series patterns" for the Circle pallet fabrics that Yuko Yamamoto uses and sells in Japan. This is an "Ulu" design. (C) Nalani Goard


The word APO translates to "Circle in Hawaiian. As you can see it can also be used with solid colors. (C) Nalani Goard


Again this is part of the Apo series designs "Gardenia" done in solid colors. 6 patterns were created (C) Nalani Goard


Hapa Haole is part American part Hawaiian. The design in the center is of the Japanese Iris and is done on an eigth while the outsides and trim are done American style. (C) Nalani Goard


This is a quilt I designed for a client. She wanted Lauae fern and a Anthuriun border. Looking at it now I wsh I made the center design more full. It looks better to take up most of the space of the fabric. Less quilting also.

(C) Nalani Goard